This game takes place in the 13th Age setting five years after the ascension of the Princess of Stars (and baby spider). Power has shifted between the icons, The Emperor is dead and The Dragon Sisters now rule The Empire. The death of The Red and consolidation of power within The Empire has led to major victories against The Orc Lord’s armies and The Diabolist’s hordes. The relative peace has led to expansion into previously untamed wilds.

Icon Reactions:

The Archmage:
The Archmage has a lot on his plate. He finds himself sworn to serve the creature he once controlled and the empire’s expansion into the wilds is taxing his resources. Rumor has it that his wizards quietly petition The Elf Queen’s aid in restraining her sister, The High Druid. A school of magic has opened and is training wizards of an unconventional variety. Perhaps these new mages are just what the Archmage needs to shore up his magical defenses.

The Crusader:
Perhaps the icon most appalled at the Blue’s rise to power, The Crusader is of the opinion that the Emperor and the Archmage have completely screwed up. With the demon hordes reeling from crushing defeats, The Crusader has the opportunity to make things difficult for the Dragon Sisters. At the same time, now that the demons seem to be less of a threat, the common people and the Priestess are becoming less tolerant of the Crusader’s “at any cost” mentality.

The Diabolist:
It appears that the Diabolist has lost, but perhaps she’s just switching tactics. The Dragon Sister’s rise to power has created controversy in the Empire. Maybe the Diabolist thinks it will be easier to corrupt the Empire from within instead of overrunning it with demon hordes.

The Dwarf King:
The Dwarf King couldn’t care less who rules the empire as long as trade still flows steadily between the kingdoms. The Dwarf King isn’t happy about the influence the drow have gained in The Elf Queen’s court; on the other hand, they helped deal a serious blow to the Prince of Shadows. Now that the orcs have been pushed back over the mountains, The Dwarf King looks to reclaim the dwarven ancestral homeland in the deep.

The Elf Queen:
The drow have gained court influence in recent years and the loss of the Green was a major blow. The Elf Queen’s power is waning. However, the Archmage is looking to her for help in restraining the High Druid, will The Elf Queen use this opportunity to regain some of her lost influence or will she find another way?

The Emperor:
His family thought he was mad when the previous emperor named The Blue as his successor. Now that he has passed and The Blue rules, the family is looking for a way back in power. Are they willing to work with the Crusader to topple The Dragon Sisters?

The Great Gold Wyrm:
The Great Gold Wyrm competes with the Crusader and the Imperial Family for the title of most pissed that The Dragon Sisters rule the Empire. Even so, He can’t help but appreciate the stability their rule has brought. The Gold has been able to seal some of the tears in reality now that the demon hordes have been beaten back. However, The Gold felt the death of The Silver. If he ever finds out who is responsible, there will be hell to pay.

The High Druid:
The empire’s filthy civilization is encroaching upon the Druid’s precious ferns and mossy rocks and she’s had enough. War between her and The Archmage is brewing and there are rumors of an alliance with The Orc Lord. Who’s side will The Elf Queen take?

The Lich King:
The fall of the imperial family from power has made The Lich King bold. But The Dragon Sister’s are formidable. If he wants to retake the thrown himself, he’ll need help. If the Diabolist is able to destabilize things from within, it may be all the opportunity the Lich King needs.

The Orc Lord:
With the death of The Red, The Orc Lord lost a major ally. Now his hordes have been pushed to the other side of the northern mountains. The Orc Lord needs a new ally to regain lost territory. He has found one in The High Druid, but this is not widely known. Though the two don’t exactly see eye to eye, they both want to watch the empire burn.

The Priestess:
Though her plans in Drakkenhall failed for the most part, the Priestess remains undeterred. With The Dragon Sisters in power, there is more need than ever to promote compassion and harmony among the people of the empire. The Princess of Stars has recently been added to the cathedral pantheon and the Priestess looks to use her as a recent example of how people, even “monsters” can work together.

The Prince of Shadows:
The Prince of Shadows no longer controls Shadow Port which has been taken by The Black. Whether the Prince cares or not is up for debate.

The Dragon Sisters:
The Blue sits the Dragon Throne with her sister, the Black, beside her. Augmenting the empire’s legions with monstrous troops has allowed the Dragon Sisters to wage a ruthless campaign against both the orc and demon hordes resulting in a more stable, and surprisingly safe empire. For the average citizen, not much has changed and there are new opportunities for the adventurous to settle in untamed lands. The sisters seem genuinely dedicated to the prosperity of the empire though there are many who think it’s just a long con.

The Sisters' Reign

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