The Sisters' Reign

Session 9

After the Suns arrived back in Axis, Argyle informed them that one of the nobles, Lord Sageous Thertan, was calling together many of the other nobles presumably to discuss a rebel alliance. Thertan was a mysterious noble not seen at court in decades. The Suns knew there would be no rebellion without them so they traveled to Thertan’s estate north of Axis. When they arrived, they learned that many nobles had already arrived and were staying at the manor house. After some brief information gathering at the inn the Suns continued to the Manor. After learning Tykon’s identity, Thertan’s staff admitted the Suns and they were lead to a sitting room where the nobles had gathered.

Among the most powerful of the nobles present were Lord Trenton Briar, whom he Suns had rescued during the war, Lady Allesa Gray, an elderly but intimidating woman with a militaristic mindset, and Lord Byron Cornwall, a very successful businessman. The Suns mingled for awhile getting a general sense of the nobles wishes. After awhile, all the nobles were invited to a large hall to begin the meeting. Rintari ducked out of the crowd to explore the manor.

Once all the noble were seated, Sageous Thertan joined the group and outlined his plan for rebellion. The Suns chimed in with several suggestions including a not so subtle declaration that Tykon would be the replacement for The Blue. Meanwhile, Rintari headed to the roof to make sure a horde of dragons wasn’t about to descend on the meeting. Confirming there was no imminent attack, Rintari reentered the manor and was sneaking along one hallway when she noticed a horrible smell coming from what appeared to be the master suite. Upon investigation, Rintari found two long dead bodies laying on the bed in the master bedroom, one bearing the signet ring of Sageous Thertan.

Just as the imposter was wrapping up the first meeting, Rintari rappelled down the side of the meeting room windows holding her writing board against the glass indicating that Thertan was an imposter. Thertan then fled the room slamming a door behind him. The Suns gave chase outside and around the building through the kitchen where they were ambushed by a group of servants which turned out to be disguised demons. The Suns slaughtered the demons and continued down into a cellar where a few frenzy demons tried but failed to ambush them. After dealing with the frenzy demons, the Suns discovered a collapsed wall at the back of the cellar that lead into a narrow natural cave.

At the back of the cave, there was a roundish room encased in dark stone. An alter lay near the back and behind it, a mirror into hell. The room was filled with various demons including Thertan who turned out to be a honey demon. The demons attacked the Suns in an attempt to buy time until the mirror’s image of hell could fully resolve allowing the honey demon to escape. The Suns managed to shatter the mirror before Thertan could escape and slew the demons.

In the aftermath of the fight, The Suns met back with Lord Briar and Lady Gray. Gray carried a huge great sword and was covered in blood. Tykon told them the rebellion was still on. Briar suggested they should find a headquarters to use. Somewhere they would have some safety from the Blue. The Suns resolved to return to Far Roost and repair it.

Session 8

While Murdoch assisted Saff with her new toys, A message from Palin arrived for Rintari. Palin requested the aid of the Suns in rooting out an infiltrator in their organization. The Golden Flame had been raiding some of The Black’s strongholds in an effort to siphon more dragon magic. The most recent raid had gone bad, however, leading Palin to suspect a spy. He gave the Suns a list of recruits that he thought could be the spy. While they spoke, Ginder, a gnome artificer, examined Rintari’s magic glove to activate additional potential using the dragon magic inside it.

The Suns went to the Golden Flame barracks where they questioned the recruits. First, the Suns spoke with Bristol Telgoth, a dwarven paladin and only survivor of the failed raid. He told the Suns how the information about the raid had not been spread among the new recruits but that everyone knew where that information was. He didn’t seem particularly suspicious.

Next, the Suns spoke with Laney Hess, a human bard. She said she joined the Golden Flame after hearing so many suppressed tales of the Blue’s misdeeds. Since she had some arcane training, the Suns decided to try to get her to help examine the dragon siphoning gloves in the locked storage room for tampering as Ginder was under suspicion.

The Suns then spoke with Karak Antonin, a human former soldier who had joined to help rid The Empire of the Blue’s influence and all the monstrous legion troops. Karak was married and didn’t live at the barracks but at his own home. Karak seemed agitated by the questioning.

Finally, The Suns spoke with Caris Vermuth, an elven cleric of the gods of light. The Suns, already suspecting Karak and Ginder didn’t question her much unfortunately…

While Tychon and Rintari questioned Caris, Leaf broke into Karak’s house searching of evidence. While there was no evidence of wrongdoing, Leaf did find a good deal of unpaid bills indicating motive. Leaf visited Karak’s wife’s place of work but didn’t find anything interesting there either. When Karak and his wife arrived back home, Leaf saw them fighting about the bills. Their marriage seemed strained.

That night, Rintari and Laney snuck into the glove room to examine the gloves. Unfortunately, Laney was not familiar with the construction of these devices and was of little help. Meanwhile, Tychon searched Laney’s room for hidden compartments and found one but was unable to search it before Rintari and Laney returned.

After Laney went back to bed, the Suns discussed the case, then decided to search the secret compartment in Laney’s room. Laney was no longer in her room and her roommate said she had been in bed asleep when she herself had went to bed. The Suns opened the compartment and found a note which read: “B has been breathing down my neck, we need to be more careful about our meetings. Come to the garden plaza inn tonight after everyone goes to sleep.”

The Suns then hurried to the inn where leaf climbed a drain and was able to find the room Laney was in. He couldn’t see who she was meeting but after a short time, both of them moved to a corner of the room out of view from the window. The Suns entered the Garden Plaza Inn and Tychon broke open the door to the room where the Suns found Laney in bed with Karak. Laney threw on her clothes and ran from the room and the Suns went down to the bar for a drink. The then decided to go back to the Golden Flame barracks where they found a fight in progress. Several humanoid dragons had broken in and started killing the occupants.

The Suns joined the fight slaying a few of the dragons one of whom had been Caris Vermuth. As she bled out, she indicated Baelgon the Boil had not been executed by the Blue but was still alive. During the fight, Rintari had tried to use her glove against the dragons but it had instead injured her. The Suns were then sure that Ginder was a spy as well. He hadn’t been present for the fight so the Suns went to search his room. They found a good deal of sand on the floor of his rooom and Tychon remembered that one of the only places sand appears in abundance in Santa Cora is the mustering grounds at the imperial garrison. The Suns hurried to the Garrison.

When they arrived, they had the captain call for the entry log and asked him to get all the men to the yard for inspection. They also asked if any gnomes had been seen around the fort. He said there had been no gnomes but they did have a visitor from Axis who was staying at the fort while handling imperial business. The Suns headed for his room. On the way, they found a man standing on the balcony outside the room watching the men assemble in the yard. When the man saw the Suns, he ran up to the top of the walls. He was about to leap from the walls when Leaf caught up with him and tackled him to the ground. He turned into a large black dragon and attacked the Suns. Leaf used earth magic to keep the dragon on the ground while the Suns hammered him with everything they had. Some of the soldiers on another tower also brought a balista to bear on the dragon and between the Suns and the balista bolt, the dragon was taken down.

The Suns returned to the Golden Flame barracks to assist Palin with an evacuation to the Golden Citidel for the time being, until another location could be found to house the order. It was decided that Rintari would play a greater role in the planning as the Golden Flamers were not experienced in the are of subterfuge.

Bitterwood Ruins
Session 7

The Suns returned to Santa Cora for some R&R. Tychon and Murdoch did a little research. Tychon discovered that his sword is a apparently Justice, a weapon from a famous myth that has yet to take place. Murdoch was able to obtain a book detailing the construction and flight of the outpost the Suns found in the Wild Wood. The monks at the library set to making copies of the books for the Suns.

Saff then contacted Murdoch with a job offer. Some ruins had been discovered in The Bitterwood and rumor had it that there was some interesting machinery inside. Saff wanted the Suns to check out the ruins and retrieve any technology they found.

The Suns headed to The Bitterwood ruins where they met a group of salvagers led by the pompus Silas DeVoire. He showed the Suns a license from The Empress to excavate the ruins, but it did not give him exclusive rights. Tychon then wrote up his own license giving the Suns similar rights and continued on to the ruins.

The Suns discovered a cunningly disguised ventilation shaft and climbed down into an old forge. Exploring the area, they found some giant spiders, which they killed, derro, which the also killed, and mechanical killbots which they also also killed. The entire ruin appeared to be some kind of manufacturing facility for these killbots. The killbots also featured a very flexible but surprisingly resilient metallic flesh. The Suns retrieved the machinery that appeared to apply the metal flesh and exited the ruin.

The Suns then stole a cart and headed out of the Bitterwood but were waylayed by enemies and had to defend themselves. The fought off the bandits and returned to Saff who rewarded the Suns for retrieving the machinery.

Hell's Wells
Session 6

As the war cooled, Leaf’s cousin Peat delivered a letter from Grandfather. The letter said that the spirits in the Wild Wood were corrupted and that the source of this corruption might be the Spirit Wells which hold the spirits during their transition to and from people and things. Grandfather also said he was too weak to investigate and requested that Leaf and his friends looked into it. He also apologized for refusing to see the truth about the High Druid, that she had gone mad and needed to be stopped. The Suns decided to check out the wells.

On their way to the wells, the Suns were ambushed by a pair of giant tigers which were killed with a bit of difficulty. Their journey was otherwise uneventful.

As the Suns approached the Spirit Wells the Wood began to transform in sinister ways. The sky reddened, hostile plants began to sprout, and the ground became rough and craggy. Upon arrival at the wells, the Suns had entered a hell hole. Leaf was appalled to see what had become of one of the Wood’s most sacred sites. A black obsidian tower had replaced the large tree near the wells and dretches could be seen dipping poles into the wells. The spirits in the wells had become red and angry.

The Suns attempted stealth but there was little cover around the tower and the dretches, along with a few imps, attacked. After the Suns had dispatched the demons, they entered the tower and climbed to the top. In a room at the top, they found more dretches and a despoiler attempting to bring additional demon forces through gates powered by some kind of brightly shining stone.

A fight ensued ending when Leaf killed the despoiler and destroyed the stone causing the entire tower to destabilize. After a blinding flash, the Suns found themselves in a tree house where the tower had stood. The Spirit Wells had been restored and the Wood was looking healthy and green once again. The Guardian informed Leaf that a new guardian would travel to the wells and defend them from further corruption. Leaf also informed the spirits that the High Druid was no longer to be trusted and instructed them to hinder her efforts.

The Suns then accompanied Leaf to his Grandfather’s house where Sprite, another cousin, informed him that Grandfather had passed away and that he had asked Leaf to come visit him at the great oak. Grandfather’s spirit had inhabited the oak and spoke to Leaf through the rustling of its leaves in the wind. Grandfather told leaf that he was proud of what he had accomplished while away and advised him to continue aiding Tykon. Grandfather also informed him that Leaf was not born of elven parents but had sprouted from the very earth. Leaf did not take this news well and left before Grandfather could say much else.

As the Suns returned to the Empire through the Wood, Murdoch stumbled upon an old worn imperial barracks sign. After some exploration, the Suns found a hatch into some sort of overgrown structure the interior of which resembled some sort of mechanical ship. The Suns marked its location and returned to the Empire.

The War Goes Cold
Session 5

The True Suns had just rescued a a group of clerics when they heard and saw a huge explosion of magical energy towards the nearest Pylon. The hurried to investigate and found that the tower had suffered enormous damage and mages were desperately trying to hold the magical wall together. A few elementals had slipped through, however, and were bearing down on the mages. The True Suns intercepted and destroyed the elementals allowing the mages to seal the gap. Without the pylon, the mages would need to manage the wall directly but they set up shifts to deal with the problem until the pylon could be repaired.

Jorsen Arkesti called the True Suns back to the war room where a decision needed to be made. Tunnels were popping up more and more frequently spewing orcs, and were-creatures across the countryside. Jorsen did not have enough men to reinforce the villages near both Santa Cora and New Port. The troops would need to be concentrated near one location to be effective and the other would not receive additional forces. Tykon made the decision to reinforce the villages near New Port depending on The Priestess and her people to cover those near Santa Cora. The True Suns accompanied the reinforcements to help defend against the tunnels.

The reinforcements were deployed to crossroads around the countryside and runners were dispatched to each village to warn the reinforcements when a tunnel was opening in or near their town. The True Suns were inspecting each garrison when a runner from Wilsonshire arrived to inform the troops that a tunnel was opening there. The True Suns rode ahead of the troops and arrived at Wilsonshire first. There they saw a small force of orcs trying to batter down the gates of a manor house. Inside, the people of the town had taken refuge and Tykon recognized the manor house as one belonging to one of his family’s greatest rivals: Trenton Briar. The True Suns quickly attacked to orcs breaking the siege. Briar grudgingly thanked Tykon and the True Suns for saving him and his people and pledged to return the favor in equal measure. The Suns returned to their inspections of the garrisons.

After visiting a few more garrisons, the Suns arrived at a crossroads near Scrantonne where the garrison had been killed. They found a tunnel entrance nearby and tracks that lead toward the town. The Suns rode swiftly to Scrantonne and reached it ahead of whatever had killed the garrison. The Suns had the people take shelter in the paper mill and kept watch from its loft. Murdoch spotted a group of creatures approaching from the west and the Suns set up an ambush between the creatures and the paper mill. The creatures turned out to be Gnolls and fell into the ambush. After a tough fight, the town was safe. The Gnoll commander was well equipped, and the Suns were able to salvage a magic sword and magic bracers which Murdoch and Leaf took.

As the Suns returned to the paper mill, one of the villagers keeping watch pointed to the south where he said a group of people were being chased by a group of creatures. The Suns rode out to intercept what turned out to be orcs and a troll. The monsters had trapped a group of dwarves against the cliffs of a quarry. The Suns destroyed the orcs and troll after a short fight and rescued the dwarves. There were ten dwarves in the group which was led by Bruce Clayton. Bruce explained that his team of craftsmen and tinkerers had been contracted to help repair some of the magic apparatus in the Pylons. He thanked the Suns and said to contact him if they were ever in need of some technical expertise.

As the Suns were preparing to leave, Chib, Bruce’s brother, whispered something in his brother’s ear. Bruce explained that Chib had a condition and wouldn’t talk to unfamiliar people but he recognized the sword Tykon was carrying. Chib asked if he could examine the sword. After some poking and prodding, Chib informed Tykon that the sword had been altered to hide some of its markings. He offered to remove the coverings if Tykon wished. Tykon consented and Chib began to work at the sword with some delicate looking tools. Eventually, he had pried and scraped several metal bits off the sword and revealed the very fine craftsmanship underneath. In addition to complicated scroll-work and designs, the sword had the words “Freedom” and “Justice” etched on either side of the blade near the hilt. Chib explained that he recognized the sword from a picture in a book he had read long ago and that if Tykon wished to know more he might be able to find the book in a well stocked library.

The Suns took their leave and Rintari devised a way to identify the source of the tunnels. After examining several openings, Rintari was able to estimate the location where the tunnels diverged. After searching the area, Tykon remembered that an old abandoned mine existed nearby. The Suns found the mine and discovered that it had been traveled through recently. They descended into the depths and found a huge cavern where the tunnels diverged. The Suns then informed the Legion so that the tunnels could be collapsed and the attacks halted.

Upon their return to the front, Jorsen informed the Suns that all attacks from the High Druid had ceased. Jorsen suspected that the Druid was reevaluating her strategy, and in the mean time, was conserving her resources.

Session 4

Upon the True Sun’s return to Axis, Argyle called a meeting. He informed the Sun’s that while they were away at Shadow Port, tensions with the High Druid had escalated. War is brewing on the Wild Wood border near Santa Cora and New Port. The meeting was interrupted by a drunken Melisan who was sent to summon Tykon, who was accompanied by Murdoch, to an audience with The Blue.

The Blue, who appeared as an ageless fae woman wrapped in delicate wings, summoned Tykon for an assignment. With war brewing between the Empire and the High Druid, the Archmage and many of his mages were being sent to the front. Tykon would be overseeing the deployment of the various forces: elven scouts, legion troops, and mages. Soryn Onyx would also be accompanying the Archmage to lend her support. The Blue then gave Tykon a letter which she said was only to be opened at the greatest need.

After detailing Tykon’s mission, The Blue brought up the several attempts on his life. She informed him that Baelgon the Boil had been arrested for his part in the plots and would be executed shortly. The Blue also mentioned that he had remained silent throughout his extensive interrogation which was unusual. Tykon said that the Suns had encountered a similar situation with Galand so they would take a look at Baelgon before they left for Santa Cora.

Baelgon was being held in the deepest parts of the imperial dungeon. In addition to the walls, bars, and guards, Baelgon was being watched by a young dark elf wearing dragonhide armor and carrying kukris. She was periodically shooting Baelgon with hand crossbow bolts dipped in some sort of poison. She said it was to prevent him from using his magic. The Suns asked Baelgon a few questions but got very little information. Baelgon seemed to be suffering from the same condition Galand had. In addition, however, Tykon sensed some sort of fiendish presence surrounding Baelgon. As the Suns were preparing to leave, the dark elf questioned Tykon about his ambitions concerning the throne. Tykon was evasive, sensing a trap, but indicated that the empire could be better served.

The True Suns then left for the front accompanying the Archmage’s people. Upon arrival, the Suns found that a long line of obelisk shaped towers had been constructed along the edge of the Wild Wood. Jorsen Arkesti, one of the Archmage’s advisors, informed the Suns that the towers contained arcane apparatus that could repel the elemental energy brought to bear by the High Druid. The towers, however, were vulnerable to attack from conventional forces such as the orcs allied to the High Druid. The towers also contained transport apparatus that could teleport small groups to different towers periodically.

The Suns set to deploying the allied forces. The legion troops would split to dig in around each tower. The elven scouts would remain behind allied lines to watch for any tunnels that might pop up similar to the one the Suns found in the Queen’s Wood. The mages would remain in reserve to support any overwhelmed towers. The battle soon began as leaf detected rising numbers of enraged spirits pounding against arcane wall.

The Suns were called upon throughout the first engagement a few times to defend certain towers. One tower had been attacked by orcs and wererats. Another tower had been scaled by a pack of werewolves which the Suns slew on the roof. Finally, a company of clerics had been waylaid behind allied lines by orcs supported by elementals. The Suns dispatched these as well rescuing the clerics. Just as the dust settled from that fight, however, the Suns heard an enormous explosion from the direction of the nearest tower and hurried to investigate.

The Sting
Session 3

While the party prepared to head to Shadow Port to investigate the dwarf who hired Kora, two deliveries arrived. For Murdoch, there was a magical retractable shield from Saff. For Rintari, there was a note from Palin, a member of the Golden Flame. Palin wanted to meet at a tavern in Axis where he gave Rintari an experimental glove with dragon’s teeth and claws sewn in. Rintari was supposed to use it the next time she faced a dragon to absorb some of its power, an ability that would come in handy on the trip to Shadow Port.

The party arrived at Shadow Port and immediately began planning the sting on Lial. His meeting with Kora was to take place at a tavern called the dancing gnome. The party took rooms accross the street in the Ugly Duckling as well as another inn a few blocks away called simply, The Barge. Tykon and Murdoch hid laid low with Kora at the Barge while Leaf and Rintari scoped out the Dancing Gnome. After they mapped out the layout, Leaf and Rintari headed to the barge to finalize plans. Half a block from The Barge, however, a group of foul smelling men bumped into Leaf and used it as an excuse to rob the two Elves. A fight ensued and at first, the powerful stench of the thugs overwhelmed the elves fine sense of smell, but having heard the commotion down the street, Tykon and Murdoch quickly responded to even the odds. The party then retired to the Barge to wait for the sting.

On the night of the meeting, Leaf and Murdoch took up positions at the bar in the Dancing Gnome and made small talk while Rintari watched the back. Leaf and Murdoch easily spotted Lial waiting at a table and Murdoch also noticed another figure at the opposite end of the tavern keeping an eye on things. Just as he was about to warn Leaf, however, Leaf’s efforts to blend in with small talk back fired when he boasted of pulling a heist called the “Map Room Job.” Unfortunately for him, Doraget Knee-Cap, a famous Gnome thief with a penchant for cracking patellas and the actual mastermind behind the Map Room Job, happened to be sitting nearby. Doraget immediately threw a fit just as Kora walked in to begin the meeting, followed shortly by Tykon who sat at a table near her.

When Kora sat down, Lial expressed his surprise that she had come back at all after having botched the assasination attempt in Axis. She mostly blamed the failure on the ineptitude of The Huntsmen. Lial told her that Boil would not be pleased and that he wanted to debrief her at which point, a cloaked figure entered the tavern through the back door and approached Kora and Lial. This figure began to pull Kora up and away from the table when the party decided to intervene. Unfortunately, the ruckus taking place between Doraget and Leaf distracted most of the party and the cloaked figure was able to pick up Kora and leap through a window while Lial and his ally Lila engaged. As the figure escaped, however, Murdoch got a glimpse of his black scaly face and recognized him as one of the assassins who had murdered the imperial princess under his care on the night he was injured.

After a quick fight, the party killed Lial and captured Lila leaving her under the dubious care of the tavern patrons who Leaf had offered to pay to keep her under guard. The party then chased after the figure and Kora catching up to them at an abandoned building. When the party lit torches to reveal the dark room, they found themselves facing not one but three black scaled reptilian creatures. Rintari recognized them as black dragons, some of whom could take on a humanoid shape. The fight was on.

After a hard won battle, the party had killed all but one of the dragons. They interrogated the last who told them that indeed, Baelgon the Boil was behind the attempts on Tykon’s life but that he wasn’t currently in Shadow Port; the dragons had intended to simply interrogate and kill Kora. There was then a discussion about Baelgon’s employment by The Black, his part in the Imperial assassinations five years ago, and The Black’s apparent alliance with The Blue. The consensus was that The Blue at least tacitly approved of Tykon’s murder if it wasn’t her idea from the start.

The party returned to Axis with the intention of forming a rebellion against The Blue.

Triumphant Return
Session 2

The party returned to The Elf Queen’s Court to show the council the proof of the High Druid’s involvement with orcs. The council tried to interrogate Galand but were unable to obtain more information. There was suspicion on the part of the party that Galand was under some sort of geas but the elven council was able to confirm that this was not the case. Galand was, however, under some sort of compulsion. The party finished the treaty negotiations and departed for Axis leaving the elemental control bracer and Galand with the elves.

The party returned to Axis without event and notified the empress’s clerks that the treaty was ready for presentation. The party was then invited to a brunch with Melisan, Voice of the Empress, who would take possession of the treaty the next day. While they waited, the party spent time at a palace district tavern called The Tower where leaf experience alcohol for the first time.

The next day, the party attended the brunch with Melisan to present the treaty. During the brunch, Melisan’s guards burst into the room and informed her that Tykon’s cousin, Jaila, and assassins known as The Huntsmen had escaped the imperial prison. A short time later, the windows of the meeting room exploded and smoke sticks were thrown into the small room. The door had been magically sealed so the party had no choice but to exit through the window into the gardens via an improvised table slide. The Huntsman as well as two other assassin’s were waiting outside to ambush Tykon, but fled into the sewers when They realized the entire party was with him.

The party pursued the Huntsmen into the sewers where they ran into a wererat gang who called themselves the Rat Pack. The Rat Pack tried to delay the party but were quickly defeated. The party then caught up to the Huntsmen and their allies, Heath and Kora, at an unforeseen obstruction in the sewers. After a brief battle, The Huntsmen and friends were captured. Kora told the party that a dwarf named Lial had hired she and Keith to break The Huntsmen and Jaila out of prison. She and Heath were supposed to meet Lial at a tavern in Shadow Port in one week. The party made plans with Kora for a sting at the tavern.

On the way out of the sewers, the party got lost but stumbled upon a collapsed wall that led into a glowing cavern. After returning The Huntsmen and Heath to prison and leaving Kora with uncle Argyle, they returned to explore the cavern. Inside, a cave with glowing fungus led to a cavern with a few giant spiders. The party cleared that cavern and followed the tunnel further to a beautiful grotto with a large earth elemental slumbering inside. After a short meditation, Leaf was able to discover that there were nature spirits residing in the grotto in an abundance that was uncommon within the borders of The Empire. But, these spirits had been asleep for a very long time. In addition, the earth elemental was suffereing from some sort of spirit nightmare.

As Leaf approached the elemental, it awoke in a rage attacking the party. The party was able to pacify the elemental with some difficulty. After the battle the elemental explained that the nature spirits throughout the empire had withered and died with civilization’s destruction of the wilds, but that he had protected the spirits in the grotto by taking their pain upon himself. Now that the spirits were waking back up Leaf had a choice. He could use his influence with the spirits to help them overcome civilization or he could show them a way to work alongside civilization in a way that has never before been seen. Leaf chose to try the later. In practically no time the spirits had transformed the sleeping grotto into an even more beautiful place. The part also noticed as the left the cavern that the water in the sewers closest to the grotto was now remarkably clean and that the parts of the city above the grotto had seen an explosion of plant growth that seemed to compliment the city streets and structures but never got in the way or damaged them.

Session 1

The game opened with the party traveling to The Elf Queen’s Court. Tykon, Murdoch, and Rintari are on assignment from The Blue to negotiate a treaty between the Empire and the Elf Queen. Tykon’s friend Leaf has been sent by his grandfather to aid him. The Blue wants The Elf Queen’s aid against The High Druid in the event the Druid overruns the Empire’s frontier villages. Tykon’s uncle, Argyle, has come along to offer guidance.

Just inside The Elf Queen’s Wood, the party was ambushed by orc warriors led by a shaman. Tykon, Murdoch, and Rintari held off the warriors while Leaf scaled a ledge to take on the shaman who had yelled something about killing the heir. After the party dealt with the ambush, they realized their entire convoy was under attack. The size of the main orc force was more than the party could handle so they fled into the wood with Argyle and a couple surviving guards.

After their initial flight, the party heard the baying of wolves. The orcs were hunting the party. After a few hours’ chase, the wolves finally caught up. The party made short work of them and after a few more hours travel, finally made it to the court.

The party was greeted by a small delegation of elves led by a dark elf named Larimar. After some negotiation, the party made a deal with Larimar for aid if the party could provide proof of the High Druid’s involvement.

The party tracked the orcs through a tunnel under Old Wall to their camp. The orcs there had bracers that allowed a few of them to control small elementals. After killing the orcs and elementals. Some of the orcs gear was made of ebony wood which was rare in the area so the party investigated the only known grove nearby.

There they found a High Druid councilor working with orcs and providing them with bracers used to control elementals. They retrieved an unfinished bracer and captured the elven High Druid Councilman, Galand.


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