The Sisters' Reign


Session 1

The game opened with the party traveling to The Elf Queen’s Court. Tykon, Murdoch, and Rintari are on assignment from The Blue to negotiate a treaty between the Empire and the Elf Queen. Tykon’s friend Leaf has been sent by his grandfather to aid him. The Blue wants The Elf Queen’s aid against The High Druid in the event the Druid overruns the Empire’s frontier villages. Tykon’s uncle, Argyle, has come along to offer guidance.

Just inside The Elf Queen’s Wood, the party was ambushed by orc warriors led by a shaman. Tykon, Murdoch, and Rintari held off the warriors while Leaf scaled a ledge to take on the shaman who had yelled something about killing the heir. After the party dealt with the ambush, they realized their entire convoy was under attack. The size of the main orc force was more than the party could handle so they fled into the wood with Argyle and a couple surviving guards.

After their initial flight, the party heard the baying of wolves. The orcs were hunting the party. After a few hours’ chase, the wolves finally caught up. The party made short work of them and after a few more hours travel, finally made it to the court.

The party was greeted by a small delegation of elves led by a dark elf named Larimar. After some negotiation, the party made a deal with Larimar for aid if the party could provide proof of the High Druid’s involvement.

The party tracked the orcs through a tunnel under Old Wall to their camp. The orcs there had bracers that allowed a few of them to control small elementals. After killing the orcs and elementals. Some of the orcs gear was made of ebony wood which was rare in the area so the party investigated the only known grove nearby.

There they found a High Druid councilor working with orcs and providing them with bracers used to control elementals. They retrieved an unfinished bracer and captured the elven High Druid Councilman, Galand.


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