The Sisters' Reign

The Sting

Session 3

While the party prepared to head to Shadow Port to investigate the dwarf who hired Kora, two deliveries arrived. For Murdoch, there was a magical retractable shield from Saff. For Rintari, there was a note from Palin, a member of the Golden Flame. Palin wanted to meet at a tavern in Axis where he gave Rintari an experimental glove with dragon’s teeth and claws sewn in. Rintari was supposed to use it the next time she faced a dragon to absorb some of its power, an ability that would come in handy on the trip to Shadow Port.

The party arrived at Shadow Port and immediately began planning the sting on Lial. His meeting with Kora was to take place at a tavern called the dancing gnome. The party took rooms accross the street in the Ugly Duckling as well as another inn a few blocks away called simply, The Barge. Tykon and Murdoch hid laid low with Kora at the Barge while Leaf and Rintari scoped out the Dancing Gnome. After they mapped out the layout, Leaf and Rintari headed to the barge to finalize plans. Half a block from The Barge, however, a group of foul smelling men bumped into Leaf and used it as an excuse to rob the two Elves. A fight ensued and at first, the powerful stench of the thugs overwhelmed the elves fine sense of smell, but having heard the commotion down the street, Tykon and Murdoch quickly responded to even the odds. The party then retired to the Barge to wait for the sting.

On the night of the meeting, Leaf and Murdoch took up positions at the bar in the Dancing Gnome and made small talk while Rintari watched the back. Leaf and Murdoch easily spotted Lial waiting at a table and Murdoch also noticed another figure at the opposite end of the tavern keeping an eye on things. Just as he was about to warn Leaf, however, Leaf’s efforts to blend in with small talk back fired when he boasted of pulling a heist called the “Map Room Job.” Unfortunately for him, Doraget Knee-Cap, a famous Gnome thief with a penchant for cracking patellas and the actual mastermind behind the Map Room Job, happened to be sitting nearby. Doraget immediately threw a fit just as Kora walked in to begin the meeting, followed shortly by Tykon who sat at a table near her.

When Kora sat down, Lial expressed his surprise that she had come back at all after having botched the assasination attempt in Axis. She mostly blamed the failure on the ineptitude of The Huntsmen. Lial told her that Boil would not be pleased and that he wanted to debrief her at which point, a cloaked figure entered the tavern through the back door and approached Kora and Lial. This figure began to pull Kora up and away from the table when the party decided to intervene. Unfortunately, the ruckus taking place between Doraget and Leaf distracted most of the party and the cloaked figure was able to pick up Kora and leap through a window while Lial and his ally Lila engaged. As the figure escaped, however, Murdoch got a glimpse of his black scaly face and recognized him as one of the assassins who had murdered the imperial princess under his care on the night he was injured.

After a quick fight, the party killed Lial and captured Lila leaving her under the dubious care of the tavern patrons who Leaf had offered to pay to keep her under guard. The party then chased after the figure and Kora catching up to them at an abandoned building. When the party lit torches to reveal the dark room, they found themselves facing not one but three black scaled reptilian creatures. Rintari recognized them as black dragons, some of whom could take on a humanoid shape. The fight was on.

After a hard won battle, the party had killed all but one of the dragons. They interrogated the last who told them that indeed, Baelgon the Boil was behind the attempts on Tykon’s life but that he wasn’t currently in Shadow Port; the dragons had intended to simply interrogate and kill Kora. There was then a discussion about Baelgon’s employment by The Black, his part in the Imperial assassinations five years ago, and The Black’s apparent alliance with The Blue. The consensus was that The Blue at least tacitly approved of Tykon’s murder if it wasn’t her idea from the start.

The party returned to Axis with the intention of forming a rebellion against The Blue.


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