The Sisters' Reign


Session 4

Upon the True Sun’s return to Axis, Argyle called a meeting. He informed the Sun’s that while they were away at Shadow Port, tensions with the High Druid had escalated. War is brewing on the Wild Wood border near Santa Cora and New Port. The meeting was interrupted by a drunken Melisan who was sent to summon Tykon, who was accompanied by Murdoch, to an audience with The Blue.

The Blue, who appeared as an ageless fae woman wrapped in delicate wings, summoned Tykon for an assignment. With war brewing between the Empire and the High Druid, the Archmage and many of his mages were being sent to the front. Tykon would be overseeing the deployment of the various forces: elven scouts, legion troops, and mages. Soryn Onyx would also be accompanying the Archmage to lend her support. The Blue then gave Tykon a letter which she said was only to be opened at the greatest need.

After detailing Tykon’s mission, The Blue brought up the several attempts on his life. She informed him that Baelgon the Boil had been arrested for his part in the plots and would be executed shortly. The Blue also mentioned that he had remained silent throughout his extensive interrogation which was unusual. Tykon said that the Suns had encountered a similar situation with Galand so they would take a look at Baelgon before they left for Santa Cora.

Baelgon was being held in the deepest parts of the imperial dungeon. In addition to the walls, bars, and guards, Baelgon was being watched by a young dark elf wearing dragonhide armor and carrying kukris. She was periodically shooting Baelgon with hand crossbow bolts dipped in some sort of poison. She said it was to prevent him from using his magic. The Suns asked Baelgon a few questions but got very little information. Baelgon seemed to be suffering from the same condition Galand had. In addition, however, Tykon sensed some sort of fiendish presence surrounding Baelgon. As the Suns were preparing to leave, the dark elf questioned Tykon about his ambitions concerning the throne. Tykon was evasive, sensing a trap, but indicated that the empire could be better served.

The True Suns then left for the front accompanying the Archmage’s people. Upon arrival, the Suns found that a long line of obelisk shaped towers had been constructed along the edge of the Wild Wood. Jorsen Arkesti, one of the Archmage’s advisors, informed the Suns that the towers contained arcane apparatus that could repel the elemental energy brought to bear by the High Druid. The towers, however, were vulnerable to attack from conventional forces such as the orcs allied to the High Druid. The towers also contained transport apparatus that could teleport small groups to different towers periodically.

The Suns set to deploying the allied forces. The legion troops would split to dig in around each tower. The elven scouts would remain behind allied lines to watch for any tunnels that might pop up similar to the one the Suns found in the Queen’s Wood. The mages would remain in reserve to support any overwhelmed towers. The battle soon began as leaf detected rising numbers of enraged spirits pounding against arcane wall.

The Suns were called upon throughout the first engagement a few times to defend certain towers. One tower had been attacked by orcs and wererats. Another tower had been scaled by a pack of werewolves which the Suns slew on the roof. Finally, a company of clerics had been waylaid behind allied lines by orcs supported by elementals. The Suns dispatched these as well rescuing the clerics. Just as the dust settled from that fight, however, the Suns heard an enormous explosion from the direction of the nearest tower and hurried to investigate.


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