The Blue Widow

A young dark elf wearing dragonhide armor, carrying two kukri's and a bow -or- A giant freaking spider


The Blue Widow wears dark patchwork dragonhide armor and is never seen without her Kukri’s: “The Gimp” and “Spring,” though, most don’t see her at all. She can also transform into a giant spider or drider.


Sabriel, aka “The Blue Widow” is The Blue’s premier assassin. She once worked closely with Soryn, Ibram, Ahru, and the Princess of Stars before Tyvallen’s ascension. She was also a high ranking member of The Blue’s Ministry of Order before the Blue became Empress. Now Sabriel kills whatever The Blue needs killed: lately, Orc and Demon Lords. She can sometimes be seen at Axis in and around The Imperial Palace.

The Blue Widow

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