The Sisters' Reign

The War Goes Cold

Session 5

The True Suns had just rescued a a group of clerics when they heard and saw a huge explosion of magical energy towards the nearest Pylon. The hurried to investigate and found that the tower had suffered enormous damage and mages were desperately trying to hold the magical wall together. A few elementals had slipped through, however, and were bearing down on the mages. The True Suns intercepted and destroyed the elementals allowing the mages to seal the gap. Without the pylon, the mages would need to manage the wall directly but they set up shifts to deal with the problem until the pylon could be repaired.

Jorsen Arkesti called the True Suns back to the war room where a decision needed to be made. Tunnels were popping up more and more frequently spewing orcs, and were-creatures across the countryside. Jorsen did not have enough men to reinforce the villages near both Santa Cora and New Port. The troops would need to be concentrated near one location to be effective and the other would not receive additional forces. Tykon made the decision to reinforce the villages near New Port depending on The Priestess and her people to cover those near Santa Cora. The True Suns accompanied the reinforcements to help defend against the tunnels.

The reinforcements were deployed to crossroads around the countryside and runners were dispatched to each village to warn the reinforcements when a tunnel was opening in or near their town. The True Suns were inspecting each garrison when a runner from Wilsonshire arrived to inform the troops that a tunnel was opening there. The True Suns rode ahead of the troops and arrived at Wilsonshire first. There they saw a small force of orcs trying to batter down the gates of a manor house. Inside, the people of the town had taken refuge and Tykon recognized the manor house as one belonging to one of his family’s greatest rivals: Trenton Briar. The True Suns quickly attacked to orcs breaking the siege. Briar grudgingly thanked Tykon and the True Suns for saving him and his people and pledged to return the favor in equal measure. The Suns returned to their inspections of the garrisons.

After visiting a few more garrisons, the Suns arrived at a crossroads near Scrantonne where the garrison had been killed. They found a tunnel entrance nearby and tracks that lead toward the town. The Suns rode swiftly to Scrantonne and reached it ahead of whatever had killed the garrison. The Suns had the people take shelter in the paper mill and kept watch from its loft. Murdoch spotted a group of creatures approaching from the west and the Suns set up an ambush between the creatures and the paper mill. The creatures turned out to be Gnolls and fell into the ambush. After a tough fight, the town was safe. The Gnoll commander was well equipped, and the Suns were able to salvage a magic sword and magic bracers which Murdoch and Leaf took.

As the Suns returned to the paper mill, one of the villagers keeping watch pointed to the south where he said a group of people were being chased by a group of creatures. The Suns rode out to intercept what turned out to be orcs and a troll. The monsters had trapped a group of dwarves against the cliffs of a quarry. The Suns destroyed the orcs and troll after a short fight and rescued the dwarves. There were ten dwarves in the group which was led by Bruce Clayton. Bruce explained that his team of craftsmen and tinkerers had been contracted to help repair some of the magic apparatus in the Pylons. He thanked the Suns and said to contact him if they were ever in need of some technical expertise.

As the Suns were preparing to leave, Chib, Bruce’s brother, whispered something in his brother’s ear. Bruce explained that Chib had a condition and wouldn’t talk to unfamiliar people but he recognized the sword Tykon was carrying. Chib asked if he could examine the sword. After some poking and prodding, Chib informed Tykon that the sword had been altered to hide some of its markings. He offered to remove the coverings if Tykon wished. Tykon consented and Chib began to work at the sword with some delicate looking tools. Eventually, he had pried and scraped several metal bits off the sword and revealed the very fine craftsmanship underneath. In addition to complicated scroll-work and designs, the sword had the words “Freedom” and “Justice” etched on either side of the blade near the hilt. Chib explained that he recognized the sword from a picture in a book he had read long ago and that if Tykon wished to know more he might be able to find the book in a well stocked library.

The Suns took their leave and Rintari devised a way to identify the source of the tunnels. After examining several openings, Rintari was able to estimate the location where the tunnels diverged. After searching the area, Tykon remembered that an old abandoned mine existed nearby. The Suns found the mine and discovered that it had been traveled through recently. They descended into the depths and found a huge cavern where the tunnels diverged. The Suns then informed the Legion so that the tunnels could be collapsed and the attacks halted.

Upon their return to the front, Jorsen informed the Suns that all attacks from the High Druid had ceased. Jorsen suspected that the Druid was reevaluating her strategy, and in the mean time, was conserving her resources.


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