The Sisters' Reign

Triumphant Return

Session 2

The party returned to The Elf Queen’s Court to show the council the proof of the High Druid’s involvement with orcs. The council tried to interrogate Galand but were unable to obtain more information. There was suspicion on the part of the party that Galand was under some sort of geas but the elven council was able to confirm that this was not the case. Galand was, however, under some sort of compulsion. The party finished the treaty negotiations and departed for Axis leaving the elemental control bracer and Galand with the elves.

The party returned to Axis without event and notified the empress’s clerks that the treaty was ready for presentation. The party was then invited to a brunch with Melisan, Voice of the Empress, who would take possession of the treaty the next day. While they waited, the party spent time at a palace district tavern called The Tower where leaf experience alcohol for the first time.

The next day, the party attended the brunch with Melisan to present the treaty. During the brunch, Melisan’s guards burst into the room and informed her that Tykon’s cousin, Jaila, and assassins known as The Huntsmen had escaped the imperial prison. A short time later, the windows of the meeting room exploded and smoke sticks were thrown into the small room. The door had been magically sealed so the party had no choice but to exit through the window into the gardens via an improvised table slide. The Huntsman as well as two other assassin’s were waiting outside to ambush Tykon, but fled into the sewers when They realized the entire party was with him.

The party pursued the Huntsmen into the sewers where they ran into a wererat gang who called themselves the Rat Pack. The Rat Pack tried to delay the party but were quickly defeated. The party then caught up to the Huntsmen and their allies, Heath and Kora, at an unforeseen obstruction in the sewers. After a brief battle, The Huntsmen and friends were captured. Kora told the party that a dwarf named Lial had hired she and Keith to break The Huntsmen and Jaila out of prison. She and Heath were supposed to meet Lial at a tavern in Shadow Port in one week. The party made plans with Kora for a sting at the tavern.

On the way out of the sewers, the party got lost but stumbled upon a collapsed wall that led into a glowing cavern. After returning The Huntsmen and Heath to prison and leaving Kora with uncle Argyle, they returned to explore the cavern. Inside, a cave with glowing fungus led to a cavern with a few giant spiders. The party cleared that cavern and followed the tunnel further to a beautiful grotto with a large earth elemental slumbering inside. After a short meditation, Leaf was able to discover that there were nature spirits residing in the grotto in an abundance that was uncommon within the borders of The Empire. But, these spirits had been asleep for a very long time. In addition, the earth elemental was suffereing from some sort of spirit nightmare.

As Leaf approached the elemental, it awoke in a rage attacking the party. The party was able to pacify the elemental with some difficulty. After the battle the elemental explained that the nature spirits throughout the empire had withered and died with civilization’s destruction of the wilds, but that he had protected the spirits in the grotto by taking their pain upon himself. Now that the spirits were waking back up Leaf had a choice. He could use his influence with the spirits to help them overcome civilization or he could show them a way to work alongside civilization in a way that has never before been seen. Leaf chose to try the later. In practically no time the spirits had transformed the sleeping grotto into an even more beautiful place. The part also noticed as the left the cavern that the water in the sewers closest to the grotto was now remarkably clean and that the parts of the city above the grotto had seen an explosion of plant growth that seemed to compliment the city streets and structures but never got in the way or damaged them.


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