The Sisters' Reign

Bitterwood Ruins

Session 7

The Suns returned to Santa Cora for some R&R. Tychon and Murdoch did a little research. Tychon discovered that his sword is a apparently Justice, a weapon from a famous myth that has yet to take place. Murdoch was able to obtain a book detailing the construction and flight of the outpost the Suns found in the Wild Wood. The monks at the library set to making copies of the books for the Suns.

Saff then contacted Murdoch with a job offer. Some ruins had been discovered in The Bitterwood and rumor had it that there was some interesting machinery inside. Saff wanted the Suns to check out the ruins and retrieve any technology they found.

The Suns headed to The Bitterwood ruins where they met a group of salvagers led by the pompus Silas DeVoire. He showed the Suns a license from The Empress to excavate the ruins, but it did not give him exclusive rights. Tychon then wrote up his own license giving the Suns similar rights and continued on to the ruins.

The Suns discovered a cunningly disguised ventilation shaft and climbed down into an old forge. Exploring the area, they found some giant spiders, which they killed, derro, which the also killed, and mechanical killbots which they also also killed. The entire ruin appeared to be some kind of manufacturing facility for these killbots. The killbots also featured a very flexible but surprisingly resilient metallic flesh. The Suns retrieved the machinery that appeared to apply the metal flesh and exited the ruin.

The Suns then stole a cart and headed out of the Bitterwood but were waylayed by enemies and had to defend themselves. The fought off the bandits and returned to Saff who rewarded the Suns for retrieving the machinery.


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