The Sisters' Reign

Hell's Wells

Session 6

As the war cooled, Leaf’s cousin Peat delivered a letter from Grandfather. The letter said that the spirits in the Wild Wood were corrupted and that the source of this corruption might be the Spirit Wells which hold the spirits during their transition to and from people and things. Grandfather also said he was too weak to investigate and requested that Leaf and his friends looked into it. He also apologized for refusing to see the truth about the High Druid, that she had gone mad and needed to be stopped. The Suns decided to check out the wells.

On their way to the wells, the Suns were ambushed by a pair of giant tigers which were killed with a bit of difficulty. Their journey was otherwise uneventful.

As the Suns approached the Spirit Wells the Wood began to transform in sinister ways. The sky reddened, hostile plants began to sprout, and the ground became rough and craggy. Upon arrival at the wells, the Suns had entered a hell hole. Leaf was appalled to see what had become of one of the Wood’s most sacred sites. A black obsidian tower had replaced the large tree near the wells and dretches could be seen dipping poles into the wells. The spirits in the wells had become red and angry.

The Suns attempted stealth but there was little cover around the tower and the dretches, along with a few imps, attacked. After the Suns had dispatched the demons, they entered the tower and climbed to the top. In a room at the top, they found more dretches and a despoiler attempting to bring additional demon forces through gates powered by some kind of brightly shining stone.

A fight ensued ending when Leaf killed the despoiler and destroyed the stone causing the entire tower to destabilize. After a blinding flash, the Suns found themselves in a tree house where the tower had stood. The Spirit Wells had been restored and the Wood was looking healthy and green once again. The Guardian informed Leaf that a new guardian would travel to the wells and defend them from further corruption. Leaf also informed the spirits that the High Druid was no longer to be trusted and instructed them to hinder her efforts.

The Suns then accompanied Leaf to his Grandfather’s house where Sprite, another cousin, informed him that Grandfather had passed away and that he had asked Leaf to come visit him at the great oak. Grandfather’s spirit had inhabited the oak and spoke to Leaf through the rustling of its leaves in the wind. Grandfather told leaf that he was proud of what he had accomplished while away and advised him to continue aiding Tykon. Grandfather also informed him that Leaf was not born of elven parents but had sprouted from the very earth. Leaf did not take this news well and left before Grandfather could say much else.

As the Suns returned to the Empire through the Wood, Murdoch stumbled upon an old worn imperial barracks sign. After some exploration, the Suns found a hatch into some sort of overgrown structure the interior of which resembled some sort of mechanical ship. The Suns marked its location and returned to the Empire.


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