The Sisters' Reign


Session 8

While Murdoch assisted Saff with her new toys, A message from Palin arrived for Rintari. Palin requested the aid of the Suns in rooting out an infiltrator in their organization. The Golden Flame had been raiding some of The Black’s strongholds in an effort to siphon more dragon magic. The most recent raid had gone bad, however, leading Palin to suspect a spy. He gave the Suns a list of recruits that he thought could be the spy. While they spoke, Ginder, a gnome artificer, examined Rintari’s magic glove to activate additional potential using the dragon magic inside it.

The Suns went to the Golden Flame barracks where they questioned the recruits. First, the Suns spoke with Bristol Telgoth, a dwarven paladin and only survivor of the failed raid. He told the Suns how the information about the raid had not been spread among the new recruits but that everyone knew where that information was. He didn’t seem particularly suspicious.

Next, the Suns spoke with Laney Hess, a human bard. She said she joined the Golden Flame after hearing so many suppressed tales of the Blue’s misdeeds. Since she had some arcane training, the Suns decided to try to get her to help examine the dragon siphoning gloves in the locked storage room for tampering as Ginder was under suspicion.

The Suns then spoke with Karak Antonin, a human former soldier who had joined to help rid The Empire of the Blue’s influence and all the monstrous legion troops. Karak was married and didn’t live at the barracks but at his own home. Karak seemed agitated by the questioning.

Finally, The Suns spoke with Caris Vermuth, an elven cleric of the gods of light. The Suns, already suspecting Karak and Ginder didn’t question her much unfortunately…

While Tychon and Rintari questioned Caris, Leaf broke into Karak’s house searching of evidence. While there was no evidence of wrongdoing, Leaf did find a good deal of unpaid bills indicating motive. Leaf visited Karak’s wife’s place of work but didn’t find anything interesting there either. When Karak and his wife arrived back home, Leaf saw them fighting about the bills. Their marriage seemed strained.

That night, Rintari and Laney snuck into the glove room to examine the gloves. Unfortunately, Laney was not familiar with the construction of these devices and was of little help. Meanwhile, Tychon searched Laney’s room for hidden compartments and found one but was unable to search it before Rintari and Laney returned.

After Laney went back to bed, the Suns discussed the case, then decided to search the secret compartment in Laney’s room. Laney was no longer in her room and her roommate said she had been in bed asleep when she herself had went to bed. The Suns opened the compartment and found a note which read: “B has been breathing down my neck, we need to be more careful about our meetings. Come to the garden plaza inn tonight after everyone goes to sleep.”

The Suns then hurried to the inn where leaf climbed a drain and was able to find the room Laney was in. He couldn’t see who she was meeting but after a short time, both of them moved to a corner of the room out of view from the window. The Suns entered the Garden Plaza Inn and Tychon broke open the door to the room where the Suns found Laney in bed with Karak. Laney threw on her clothes and ran from the room and the Suns went down to the bar for a drink. The then decided to go back to the Golden Flame barracks where they found a fight in progress. Several humanoid dragons had broken in and started killing the occupants.

The Suns joined the fight slaying a few of the dragons one of whom had been Caris Vermuth. As she bled out, she indicated Baelgon the Boil had not been executed by the Blue but was still alive. During the fight, Rintari had tried to use her glove against the dragons but it had instead injured her. The Suns were then sure that Ginder was a spy as well. He hadn’t been present for the fight so the Suns went to search his room. They found a good deal of sand on the floor of his rooom and Tychon remembered that one of the only places sand appears in abundance in Santa Cora is the mustering grounds at the imperial garrison. The Suns hurried to the Garrison.

When they arrived, they had the captain call for the entry log and asked him to get all the men to the yard for inspection. They also asked if any gnomes had been seen around the fort. He said there had been no gnomes but they did have a visitor from Axis who was staying at the fort while handling imperial business. The Suns headed for his room. On the way, they found a man standing on the balcony outside the room watching the men assemble in the yard. When the man saw the Suns, he ran up to the top of the walls. He was about to leap from the walls when Leaf caught up with him and tackled him to the ground. He turned into a large black dragon and attacked the Suns. Leaf used earth magic to keep the dragon on the ground while the Suns hammered him with everything they had. Some of the soldiers on another tower also brought a balista to bear on the dragon and between the Suns and the balista bolt, the dragon was taken down.

The Suns returned to the Golden Flame barracks to assist Palin with an evacuation to the Golden Citidel for the time being, until another location could be found to house the order. It was decided that Rintari would play a greater role in the planning as the Golden Flamers were not experienced in the are of subterfuge.


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