The Sisters' Reign


Session 9

After the Suns arrived back in Axis, Argyle informed them that one of the nobles, Lord Sageous Thertan, was calling together many of the other nobles presumably to discuss a rebel alliance. Thertan was a mysterious noble not seen at court in decades. The Suns knew there would be no rebellion without them so they traveled to Thertan’s estate north of Axis. When they arrived, they learned that many nobles had already arrived and were staying at the manor house. After some brief information gathering at the inn the Suns continued to the Manor. After learning Tykon’s identity, Thertan’s staff admitted the Suns and they were lead to a sitting room where the nobles had gathered.

Among the most powerful of the nobles present were Lord Trenton Briar, whom he Suns had rescued during the war, Lady Allesa Gray, an elderly but intimidating woman with a militaristic mindset, and Lord Byron Cornwall, a very successful businessman. The Suns mingled for awhile getting a general sense of the nobles wishes. After awhile, all the nobles were invited to a large hall to begin the meeting. Rintari ducked out of the crowd to explore the manor.

Once all the noble were seated, Sageous Thertan joined the group and outlined his plan for rebellion. The Suns chimed in with several suggestions including a not so subtle declaration that Tykon would be the replacement for The Blue. Meanwhile, Rintari headed to the roof to make sure a horde of dragons wasn’t about to descend on the meeting. Confirming there was no imminent attack, Rintari reentered the manor and was sneaking along one hallway when she noticed a horrible smell coming from what appeared to be the master suite. Upon investigation, Rintari found two long dead bodies laying on the bed in the master bedroom, one bearing the signet ring of Sageous Thertan.

Just as the imposter was wrapping up the first meeting, Rintari rappelled down the side of the meeting room windows holding her writing board against the glass indicating that Thertan was an imposter. Thertan then fled the room slamming a door behind him. The Suns gave chase outside and around the building through the kitchen where they were ambushed by a group of servants which turned out to be disguised demons. The Suns slaughtered the demons and continued down into a cellar where a few frenzy demons tried but failed to ambush them. After dealing with the frenzy demons, the Suns discovered a collapsed wall at the back of the cellar that lead into a narrow natural cave.

At the back of the cave, there was a roundish room encased in dark stone. An alter lay near the back and behind it, a mirror into hell. The room was filled with various demons including Thertan who turned out to be a honey demon. The demons attacked the Suns in an attempt to buy time until the mirror’s image of hell could fully resolve allowing the honey demon to escape. The Suns managed to shatter the mirror before Thertan could escape and slew the demons.

In the aftermath of the fight, The Suns met back with Lord Briar and Lady Gray. Gray carried a huge great sword and was covered in blood. Tykon told them the rebellion was still on. Briar suggested they should find a headquarters to use. Somewhere they would have some safety from the Blue. The Suns resolved to return to Far Roost and repair it.


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